Be Aware Karachi of These Toxic Vegetables

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Karachi is under the attack of toxic vegetables. The vegetables being grown up in the city have been becoming the major reason for gastric problems in the city.

A large supply of vegetables is being cultivated with the water of Malir River that contains hazardous factory waste. Illegal farming has been done on around 600 acres of land and their major source of cultivation is Malir River.

The water has been pronounced contaminated by the experts and according to them a significant traces of lead, arsenic and mercury has been found on the vegetables and fruits especially on tomatoes, ladyfingers, eggplants and gourds.

Microbiologist Dr Sadaf Khan highlighted some serious health issues regarding with the farming of toxic vegetables she said;

“These toxic vegetables can cause hepatitis C, cancer, gastric problems and even affect a person’s mental health,”

“According to new research, it even increases the risk of breast cancer.” She added.

The people with weaker immune are more likely to get affected with the toxic vegetables even with the lesser consumption, however frequent consumptions of these farm foods can have serious issues even to a person with the strong immune system.

To make the matter worst, the Chairperson of Sabzi Mandi Association, Haji Shah expressed helplessness on the controlling of toxic vegetables getting in the city markets. He said that it is very difficult to identify the vegetables cultivated by contaminated water.

“The supply of toxic vegetables in markets has increased. However, there’s no record of where the trucks loaded with vegetables come from.”

According to a study, Pakistan is among 5 countries that alone responsible for global 90 per cent of wastewater irrigated farming.

This is surely an alarming health crisis situation for the hub of Pakistan that is the residence of around 20 million people and so far no constructive action has been taken by the concern authorities.
So, Be careful Karachiiets!

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