Be Your Own Hero; Add These Foods To Your Diet To Beat Your Anxiety

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Eat right beat stress

Anxiety and depression can make you sick and will make your everyday’s simple tasks so tough for you that you sit there blank, thinking what you can do to get rid of this shit. What’s wrong? And you unintentionally take the stress and guess what? It makes it even more vulnerable.

So, if you’re battling with depression or anxiety, you can cope with it simply by adding these foods in your diet. They have been proven to control stress hormones that directly controls depression and anxiety. Here, what you must add in your diet ASAP!!


Whether you’re at work or attending a lecture or binge-watching your favorite show. Get yourself a handful of almonds and enjoy! Almonds are full of nutrients and vitamins E and B2. They are stress relievers. A dozen of them daily can make a huge difference.


When your body is in stress it needs vitamin C, that can be found in orange and other citrus fruits. Especially, a glass full of orange juice in breakfast would be an energy booster and great deal of vitamin C. It’s not necessary to have orange juice only, you can simply eat an orange a day too. It’ll calm your cortisol (the stress releaser hormone) that is responsible for triggering your anxiety and depression.
















Milk is vital to our health and it’s like the necessity for our brain and body. Milk has potassium that will prevent muscles spasm that occurs when we feel tense. It also prevents insomnia and fatigue. So, a glass of warm milk before going to bed can help you cope with anxiety & not just anxiety but also it will lead to a better lifestyle too.

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Oats are like a huge way of getting fibers. It keeps serotonin flowing and helping us keep calm and content. So, do yourself a favor and add oats to your life.


For healthy brain and nerves system, our body needs lots of vitamins B’s. Anxiety somehow occurs because of vitamin B’s deficiency. And guess what? Avocados are rich in vitamin B’s. So next time instead of going for an ice cream, eat an avocado a day that can keep your stress away.


So be your own hero, add these foods to your diet and beat your anxiety.


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