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Almost all of us have heard of depression. According to Agha Khan University studies in 2005-2006, 34% of Pakistan’s population is facing depression and anxiety issues. On the other hand, Express Tribune published an article claiming, that almost 44% of the population of Pakistan is suffering from depression and anxiety.

People can face depression at any age. It can occur because of countless reasons like, it can be because of genetics, might be environmental factors, because of your brain’s biochemistry, your own personality and some times for no apparent reason at all. There can be plenty of reasons for your depression including plenty of types. Depression is a chronic disorder, fortunately it is treatable.

At least once in a lifetime, everybody faces depression, it’s so common nowadays,  like in the morning you are all okay and at night all of a sudden it’s like… DANG! You find yourself feeling a lot all at once. All the feelings come rushing towards you. It’s like you just can’t control your overwhelming thoughts; the storm of emotion. It’s like the more you’re trying to swim through, the more you’re drowning; not in water but in your thoughts. You feel completely lost and numb. You feel empty; like a void inside you and its like you’re space-out, not knowing where you are at, what you are doing or what’s going on around you. You feel absolutely lonely even if you’re crowded by a sea of people. Sadness, helplessness and hopelessness, all of these hit you at once. You feel worthless. You feel you just can’t fix yourself. You’re uncontrollable, feeling impossible and this situation is never-ending, taking control of yourself. You feel like the demons are hunting you wherever you go.

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Yes, depression is so real and anyone of us could be it’s victim. All we can do is ready ourselves to fight with it no matter what. Keep yourself strong and try to handle it with all power. To help you out with this, we will be telling you some simple ways you need to do to make yourself feel better. It’ll be difficult at first but you’ve to be your own hero to save yourself and take control of your mind.

Talk to someone close to you: 

Someone you trust and feels comfortable with. If you  feel like you don’t know what to say, try using this

* Hi, I’m having some rough time, can I talk to you for a while* simple.

Go out:

  • Go for a jog
  • A walk
  • Ride a bike
  • Sit in a public park.
  • Or go to your favorite spot.
  • Play your favorite game or sport.
  • Visit a new place or a place you like
  • Plan a vacation

Relax yourself:

  • Find yourself a peaceful place, turn off all the lights and take a good nap.
  • Watch your favorite show or a movie, the opposite of what you’re feeling like; if you’re feeling sad, watch something funny.
  • Read your favorite book or some magazine.
  • Meditate

Soothe your senses:

  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Smell some of your favorite scents.
  • Take bath frequetly
  • Do some yoga.

Be creative:

  • Writing down how you’re feeling; helps a lot.
  • Draw something, no matter you know how to draw or don’t just try.
  • Cook your favorite meal or dessert.
  • Just simply do something you enjoy or passionate about.
  • hobbies are your saviour, keep on doing what you love to do.


Distractions may help you in such situation. These things are highly effective and will easily distract you from your depressed mode, destructive urges and horrible thoughts. Find some more distractions for yourself that will not only keep you engaged but are also will calm you.

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