You Won’t Believe What This Careem Captain Did!

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See What This Careem Captain Did!

In a doggy dog world it is hard to come across a reliable and honest person but this Careem Captain did something incredible. We must not forget that good still prevails in society. This story of a Careem Captain Jawad Kareem and his honesty will restore your faith in humanity.

Meet a Hero!

A passenger named Hassan recently booked a Careem car on his way back home. Hassan forgot his phone in the car. Even after reaching home, he didn’t realize that his phone was missing.

Since it is hard to get back lost belongings, when you get them back, it feels like an utter blessing. The Careem Captain kept that phone with himself until he received a call from a contact of Hassan and explained the scenario. What happened next? Read Hassan’s Facebook post to find out:

“Today I met a Hero, a Careem Captain. I dropped my phone in the car today which was on silent (as usual) and I did not realize that I had lost it until after 4 hours (again, usual me). I salute the decency of the Captain who found it and kept it until he received a call from a contact of mine and explained everything to the person and asked them to convey this message to me somehow that he has my phone. (He didn’t know how to use the phone himself). When I contacted him he asked me to be patient and was on the other side of the city, he said he’s gonna drop off a passenger even further away and then come all the way back to me. During the two hours he contacted me thrice to reassure me that he’s on his way and that I should not be concerned about anything at all. He finally reached and delivered the phone himself with a heart warming smile. (Also it must be noted to his credit he could have fetched another passenger and made a few bucks because those were the peak hours but he didn’t do that) What a gentleman. It’s not because he’s a Careem Captain that he’s good. It’s because he’s a genuinely decent person which makes Careem look good. Mr. Jawad Kareem with your White Cultus, we need more Pakistanis like you sir. Salute!”

Careem Captain, Daily Punch Pakistan
Source: Facebook

However, there are always people who are too cynical for their own good. Some people of that sort commented on Hassan’s post that the driver must have done this act in the hope of some materialistic reward. Others asked him how he had rewarded the driver. To this, Hassan replied,

Anyway, we salute the honesty and dignity of Careem Captain Jawad Kareem. We should bring such decent, hard working and loyal people under the spotlight. Integrity and morality are not common in our society and these types of people are rare. We also hope that the company will appreciate Captain Jawad Kareem’s character, righteousness and dedication to his job.

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