The Best Baby GIFs/Memes That You Will See Today

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Having a bad day? Let these adorable and hilarious baby GIFs cheer you up!

The Baby Who Goes From Happy To Terrified In A Nanosecond


And you thought you were moody!

The Ones Who Got Too Scared By Their Own Toys



‘Never gonna let that thing come near me again!’

The Ones Who Don’t Have A Hard Time Sleeping

How do you do it, bro?!

The One Who Gets Knocked Down Too Easily

All you have to do is push over some air molecules towards him!

The One Who Doesn’t Believe In Physical Barriers

Won’t let anything come between me and my favourite drink!’

The One Who Is The Most Cheerful After Waking Up

I wish I could feel like him when I have to wake up early in the morning! 

The One Who Does The Opera Pose When His Blanket Is Taken Of

Wow, he is a stunner!

The One Who Doesn’t Give A Damn

‘So Simba from Lion King wants to eat me up? Whatever, I’ll worry about that later!’

The One Who Can’t Figure Out How To Get Rid Of His Spoon

‘Ugh, can’t remember how Mummy does it every day…’

The One Who Is Too Sleepy To Eat But Won’t Give Up

‘Need to sleep but hey, gotta finish up my banana first…or let’s do both together!’

The One Who’s Got Some Moves:

‘Don’t have to worry about responsibilities for a decade or maybe more, so why not dance!’

Also, Have a Look at These Winner Baby Memes:

baby1 collage3

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