Bill Gates tweeted about the series “Silicon valley” & you should definitely watch it

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Silicon Valley

In real life, Silicon Valley is actually located in San Francisco. It is a home to many start-ups and global technical companies. Like Google, Facebook, and Apple are among the most prominent. In short, it is the hub of technology.

Then HBO started a comedy series related to this, which is quite relate-able if you’re an entrepreneur, it shows all the hurdles, all the ups and downs of a person working on the startup; the financial crises they face, the stealing of their ideas, and the change of plans. It’s kind of a guide to start your business.

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Even Bill Gates twitted about it


And the funny part was when the writer of the series also replied saying


“Okay, I’ll be honest. I paid Bill Gates to say this…”

If you’re a hacker, programmer or someone with lots of startup ideas floating in your mind then it’s a recommendation for you all to watch. Even Snapchat’s CEO the youngest billionaire Evan Spiegel has made an appearance in an episode too.

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As Bill Gates said:

“If you want to understand Silicon Valley, watch Silicon Valley”

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