The demise of Bollywood actress Siridevi was not from cardiac arrest, Dubai police

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The death of Bollwood actress SiriDevi has taken a new turn.

Bollywood icon and one of the known name of the industry, Siridevi’s death news was unbelievable for all her admirers. The reason for her death as earlier reported was cardiac arrest and this particular statement circulated all over internet. According to the forensic reports revealed on February 26, stated that her death occurred due to the accidental drowning in a bath tub of her hotel room, she was staying in Jumeirah Emirates Towers.



The demise of Bollywood actress Siridevi was not from cardiac arrest, says Dubai police..

After the unfortunate event, the Boney Kapoor husband of Siridevi and her family has been caught in whirlwind of investigation. The police stated there was no clear criminal motive with regard to death of Bollywood actress Siridevi, neither did she suffered a cardiac arrest as reported earlier.However, sources reporting to Khaleej Times, stated that laboratory reports revealed that she had consumed alcohol and she was in unconscious state when she slipped in to bath tub filled with water.

The recent reports coming from sources of Khaleej Times, stated that the body of Bollywood actress has been cleared and anytime will be handed over to the family members.

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Paras Waswani