Bollywood Celebrities are Tweeting Things About Abhinandan And… *Face-Palm* 

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After all this war situation we at least got to know one thing. And that thing is, Bollywood celebrities enjoy war and they need to attend high school. On February 27 two Indian jets tried to attack Pakistan crossing the line of control LoC. Pakistan was alert and attacked back and the Indian jets ran away like cowards throwing their payloads on our trees. Then the very next day, India tried again and failed miserably as our Hero Hassan Siddiqui and shot down their jets and also the army arrested the pilot, Abhinandan.

However, after all this Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan decide to let him go. As a gesture of peace, Pakistan released the pilot Abhinanadan through Wagha border.

But guess what? Indians are not ready to just accept it. Still the aggression the hate they are throwing.

Here’s what Shahrukh Khan tweeted


To which people are asking what bravery? And not just him we have another one which will blow your mind.

Presenting Preity G Zinta


This is something…

To which Chaudry Fawad couldn’t resist and replied savagely. He quoted Preity G’s tweet and wrote


These celebrities aren’t ready to believe that failed terribly in their so-called surgical strikes and neither they are giving the credit where it’s due (Of course Imran Khan)  What are your thoughts on these responses, do share with us in the comments below!


Pakistan is releasing captured Indian pilot Abhinandan as a gesture of peace

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