BTS wins! Korean Wave Drenches US Billboard Music Awards 2017

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Review the latest newsflash as a South Korean band ‘BTS’ wins the Billboard Music Awards 2017. Recently, we had written about our personal experience of Korean drama addiction. Well, the addiction doesn’t end there. There is a whole lot of entertainment that awaits the average Pakistani. The music industry is aka K-Pop. Together, K-pop and K-drama make up the worldwide phenomenon known as Korean Wave.

The term ‘Korean Wave’, known as ‘Hallyu’ in Korean language, literally means “flow of Korea”. The term refers to the unprecedented popularity of Korean dramas, music and pop-culture throughout the world. It started in the mid-1990’s from China and other South East Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. However, later it spread to the Middle East, Europe and Australia. Moreover, viewership is certainly increasing with the help of internet and social media.

The ‘Hallyu‘ craze is expanding in the Korean traditional culture with food, literature and language, creating more and more enthusiasts. According to the latest figures, as of July 2013 there were 987 organizations relating to the concept of ‘Hallyu‘ with around 9 million people having a membership. This figure increases on daily basis.

Billboard Music Awards 2017

Well the big news is that the US music industry is finally waking up to the Korean Wave. This week, K-Pop’s famous group ‘BTS’ were nominated in the ‘Social Artist’ category at the Las Vegas Billboard Music Awards (BBMA). Other nominees included heavyweights like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes.

Source: Google
Source: Google

And guess what? BTS WON!!

Honestly, it’s not surprising at all given the massive social media following BTS has. BTS fans, known as the “A.R.M.Y.” (Adorable Representative M.C’s for Youth”) received more than 300 million votes for the award on Twitter and on the Billboard Music Awards website, using the hashtag #BTSBBMAS.

The group’s official Instagram and Twitter account have 3.7 million and 3.94 million followers respectively. Their official Facebook page has almost 4.5 million likes and followers. The group is the first K-pop group to win a BBMA , but they have won numerous Korean and international awards. BTS’s group award follows South Korean trailblazer PSY, who became the first K-pop solo artist to win the BBMA in 2014, for Top Streaming Song, “Gangnam Style.”

BTS, aka Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean music band.  They have been performing since 2013. BTS are known for their edgy fashion and modern pop music.

Here’s BTS being interviewed on the BBMA red carpet.

Moreover, they even got a chance to meet various American musical artists at the show.

However, it seems like Laura is really happy with BTS’s performance.

Considering the talent and popularity BTS has, we are surprised at how long it took for the US music industry to recognize them. The BTS win at Billboard Music Awards 2017 has also opened the doors for a lot of other Asians.


There were plenty of people around who countered their racist views, though.


And some were feeling extremely proud,

Art has no boundaries, and music ain’t channel for promoting racism and ignorance. Let the world celebrate its diversity, we say. BTS won because of their talent and popularity. Competition should always remain healthy. On a personal note, they have great, catchy music too.

Not to mention their beyond awesome dancing skills

Moreover, even the K-Tigers, the Korean Taekwondo team, gets inspiration from their choreography.

All power to BTS!

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