Budsies: The Journey Of Drawing Turned Into A Stuffed Toy

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Alex Furmansky is the man behind this idea of taking the creativity of young kids to next level. He focuses on productivity in the industry of toys and art. The CEO of Budsies started this business as a side project that actually ended up as a complete hit for him. After many parent bloggers started posting on Facebook and other social media about this new venture, he got a new beginning. According to saying life imitates art and creating plush toys out of kids drawings became the incredible idea in this new era. It initiates the entrepreneur to bring up their own idea and find the best way of exposure.

Budsies on Shark Tank

The very famous reality show named Shark Tank is a platform where many entrepreneurs participate to revive the quality of entrepreneurship in America. The show consists of two type of audience: the investors and the producer of the show. Alex Furmansky didn’t get much investment for Budsies through the show but definitely a lot of exposure and increment in a number of customers. Being on Shark Tank he stated, Shark Tank is just an icing on the cake. The boosting of customers and lasting of business is based on the development team who innovates and make the drawing into a plush toy.

The entrepreneurship is basically the initiative of your ideas and dreams, not just to earn money. It also improves the market and economy of your country. The only thing that should be consistent is maintaining the level of creativity.  Providing the best service to your target customer and making sales. Budsies is the one who derived the new objective for the toy industry. It innovates new ideas for kids to hug and adore their own drawing. Budsies made them focus on arts,  instead of disappearing it into daily homework or in outdoor activities.

Source: Budsies/website
Source: Budsies/website

Budsies has been on high growth in past few years and expanding by launching the new venture called Petsies. In Petsies, users can create stuff toys of their favorite pets. Now they are just optimizing the existing product lines and targeting more customers. Currently, they have grown 3 times in the past 3 years and have brought 50,000 characters to life.

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