A Bus Hostess Got Harassed; A Guy Stood Up For Her & This Is What Happened

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Sadly, another day another harassment issue. I wonder if harassment has excel now or it has always been this much. We’ve all faced it at some point in our lives, and it has been increasing drastically now. The sad part is when a person gets harassed in public & no one will raise their voice or say anything.

Hats off to this guy Faizan Malik, who was traveling in a bus on 23rd July. When He noticed that the bus hostess was being harassed by one of the passengers whilst she was serving the food. He also noticed that no one was raising their voice against all this. So he decided to speak up.

Faizan shared his experience on facebook later.

Yesterday, I was travelling back home. While the bus hostess was serving passengers, a passenger at the backend( shown in the below video) started to make video of her and she was visibly uncomfortable with this.
This didn’t stop here, the passenger tried to inappropriately touch her while she was serving him.

The bus hostess came to the driver and complained about harassment. When the alleged harasser came before, he started to intimidate her and kept on justifying his act shamelessly.
Adding to his shame, he laughed while all this happened.

I couldn’t stomach the situation. I voiced my concerns and this is what happened.
When I was leaving the bus, the hostess was shivering with fear and terror stricken!
A single woman in a bus of 40 men!

I believe that the poor working women class is prone to prostitution. It was much easier for this buss hostess to go down that road. If a working woman has opt to earn ‘halal’, we shouldn’t disgrace her in such a way!

We have to stand up against misogyny and the way we treat women- especially the brave working women who face this everyday!

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The creepy and infuriating thing was the harasser’s smile. He kept smiling all the time without any guilt.


Facebook/ Faizan A. Malik

This is what Faizan has posted on his facebook

Utterly disgusting!

More people like Faizan needs to stand up in public to protect each other from harassment. Right?



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