Ridiculous Cake Fails – 31 worst cakes you need to see now to be careful

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These cakes fail photos will make you laugh like crazy!

Miscommunication, misguidance, wrong frosting can lead to such cake fails.

So, let’s begin!
1. Rather than taking a bite of the cake, it looks like that 2nd one is going to take a bite out of you!
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2. Don’t do drugs kids!
3. Last minute change of plan, gonna be a blue pig, instead of blue ponny, no one will notice.


4. This Cinderella looks more like a horse, no giraffe, no horse…
5. It’s okay, she just got hit by a bus!


6. Umm… I’m a bit scared. I doubt that kids at the party might cried instead of being happy to see the birthday cake.


7. Them pretty Blue eyes though!

8. Pikachu and pikglaaarrggphuuaarrgh

And then the murders began…

9. The first is wall-e that collects garbage, the second is garbage that mimics wall-e


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10. It’s okay, it’s fine, She’s just a bit angry!

11. Ehmm, what kind of castle is this…

12. WOW so accurate!

13. Spiderman in a fetal position sitting on a garbage bag… Happy birthday!

14. Almost same.. no?

15. When the clock strikes 12, we hope that she will turn into something more edible!

16. It’s just superman is tried od saving the world.

17. Hey minion, your eyes are falling.

18. This girl is supposed to be wearing a “Cap”, not a cat.

19. Can’t breathe!

20. Hannah Montana’s head just got shrunk!

21. A questionable creature.

22. What a cross kind of a cake it is. And how Pareshan he looks.

23. Wendy Lee ‘under neat that’ will you marry?
Sprinkles around the edges.

24. Ye Kidhar say cute hai?

25. There was no room for the dot of an exclamation mark.

26. *I want sprinkles* 
27. *Happy Bathday* give this to your friend who doesn’t take a shower.

28. Write “let’s celebrate” in the middle.

29. *facepalm*

30. “Happy birthday Jeremy” on top.

31. Write “30” with stars and sprinkles around it.


These all looks like Someone made the Expectations, but then someone either steps on it smudges the frosting or just plain eats the most appetizing part or unintentionally ruined by the written mistakes.


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