Careem is in trouble for launching promo codes based on political slogan

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Careem in trouble!!

Careem has been in Pakistan for 3 to 4 years now. People love it for its services as the conveyance issues have been resolved for so many of us. Everything was going smoothly till their new promo codes arrived. Yes, recently they launched some promo codes with the political slogans and got into trouble. Especially because of this one

Mujhay Kyun nikala

This is how it looks like!

People on Twitter are going insane on Careem for using the political slogan and for not being neutral. This spread rage among people, they have started to uninstall the app.


 is trending on Twitter for the last two days.

And here is what people are saying…

Mujhy Kyun Uninstall Kia?

Good one!

No gaali, please!

If you’re .. & if not, then it’s okay!


People are continuously demanding for an apology.

Party supporters seemed so pissed because of Careem’s promotion tactics. People are demanding them to delete the post and apologize. And they should respect people’s choice.

Furthermore, it was not the only political based promo code, there were some others too.

Check karain!

In the meantime, Uber got famous.

Seems like Christmas came early for Uber in Pakistan 

Because of this promotional slogan issue people uninstall Careem app and install Uber. People welcomed Uber and said their farewell to Careem. Uber has started replacing it!

  And some were in favor of them.

And this is what Careem Tweeted after all the mess.



Well, people are still accusing Careem of being biased and targetting a particular party.

Ye Khail Careem Ko Tou Bhaut Mehanga Parr Gagay Ray!

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