Centaurus Mall Islamabad – This Guy Exposed the Security of the Mall

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Centaurus Mall:

Centaurus Mall is on of the main attraction of the Islamabad. Not even for locals but also for the people of Rawalpindi and other outskirts area of the capital. 

But the recent video released on social media of mall’s security has caused up roar on Facebook. The guy has walked through all the security phases without even asked and checked for once. He has exposed the so-called high level security of Centaurus Mall Islamabad. He can be seen easily carrying Pistol inside the mall’s area and security officials were just busy in staring around. 

The management of the Mall must look into the matter and how it look easy to trick the security. In the heart of capital, where hundreds visit mall everyday. This is alarming situation for the caretakers of the Mall.  In order to prevent any unfortunate incident issue needs to be fix as early as possible.

Team Dailypunch has raise this issue in order to make awareness for local citizen and to avert any miserable event.

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