Our Current Favorites Leisure Activities: This Is How We Karachiites Roll!

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Karachi is one of the biggest and most populated cities of Pakistan.

A City Full Of Life

Karachi has raised its development strategies in the past few years. The improvisation of the infrastructure around the city is leaping up on a daily basis. Similarly, citizens demand a comfy and lavish lifestyle these days, especially the youth of the 21st century. We see that there are many activities keeping the crowd happy and engaged along with their school or working routine.

No matter how busy or occupied an individual is during the week, there are some activities that the citizens of Karachi always find time for! for them, it’s as if impossible to let go of the activities mentioned below:

Visiting Shopping Malls

The trend of shopping malls has gained a lot of popularity throughout the city. There are many elegant and luxurious malls in the city. It is considered a preferred venue to invest your precious time as you’ll be able to do it all under one roof. Shopping malls give their visitors endless options with multiple outlets, be it groceries, garments, electronics, furniture, cinemas, or even an indoor amusement park for kids to have fun as well. Not to forget, the overly crowded food courts or the endless waiting lines of people waiting to experience their favorite cuisines.

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Source: Google

The youth have considered shopping malls an entertainment where they can stroll until dead tired, shop around, catch a movie and obviously grab a bite to eat from a variety of options available. Moreover, the rise in temperature makes it harder to shop in the local markets so citizens usually prefer going towards the air-conditioned shopping malls. The recent inauguration of the ‘Lucky One’ mall has taken place in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, a populated area of the city. The tremendous response is astonishing as we wait for more feedback on it.

Citizens Love The ‘Dhaabas‘ (Tea Cafes)

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A typical Pakistani Dhaaba hangout. (Source: Google)

You can count the number of malls if you like, you would be even able to google it, but don’t dare to count the uncountable ‘Dhaabas’ (tea cafes) around the city! They are without a doubt the most visited sites among the locals. Most of us never appreciate the tea we get at home (for some reason or the other), but always enjoy a cup of tea from any ordinary dhaaba!

The tug of war between a chai (tea) or any other beverage is a lost cause for the other drinks. An increase in the health awareness is also reducing the consumption of sodas. The love for chai is never ending in Karachi. We have seen a step up in this culture as the modern tea cafes are gaining a lot of attention from the young crowd. The upgrade is that they provide a more sophisticated environment than that of the open dhaabas around the streets. Nevertheless, this activity is the heartbeat of the city.

Branded Clothes

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Some international favorite brands, although some local brands have also gained great popularity.

Brands bring a sense of class and luxury in the mindset of people. They often associate themselves to highly valuable brands by buying them which make them feel good. Karachi is getting lot of attention and popularity with respect to the well-known brands, mostly in the clothing category.

There are many popular clothing brands, with popular individuals implementing designs according to the latest fashion day in and day out. This gives an option with the other international famous brands, which need no description. Moreover, sales on these branded clothes can create quite a hype among the Karachi folks in no time. Although, for some people this hype leads them to a complex to buy a better product than what they have. This activity comes with the dark side of extra or useless spending, though. It may even end up as a competition among friends, probably causing discrimination against the non-owners. So, although this is a popular trend, many of us would benefit if it diminishes.


BBQ Thali at “Thali IN”

The concept of a ‘dine in’ has been there for a long time in Karachi, specially on Saturday nights. However, nowadays the revolution in the restaurants types has escalated the ratio of this activity. Citizens of Karachi are crazy when it comes to food! You would see the youngsters not missing out any special meals that they can manage from time to time. Each meal starts with a ‘Check In’ update on Facebook. This is followed by a selfie and pictures of their meals. One has to say that this extra passion could be used elsewhere (just saying, you know!). The fine dine-ins restaurants in Karachi are totally worth the hype. They serve excellent food, have captivating ambiance and great service too.

The City is surrounded by the beautiful Arabian Sea. We all enjoy picnics and random visits to the beach. Sea View is the perfect place for short visits, walks or just to enjoy the sunset or some snacks. However, in the recent years, many fine dining restaurants have opened up along the coast. This trend continues to be popular and these restaurants have become very famous. On top of this this list is the recently opened one called the ‘Boat Lounge‘. It gives a unique experience of enjoying your meal on a sailing boat. Apart from a unique setup, restaurants serving fusion food are also highly appreciated. Recently, a restaurant called Arabian Nights has exploded the Karachiites’ taste buds with its delicious foods. Similarly, Ridan House Of Mandi and Manakeesh are also among the latest contenders in the city.

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A beautiful restaurant by the sea.


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