Lethal clashes in Gaza strip as US embassy shifted to Jerusalem

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55 Palestinians were put to death and more than thousand injured during lethal clashes at Gaza Strip.

The clashes erupted near Gaza strip after the inauguration of US embassy in Jerusalem, Palestinians marked this day as Black day. It was same as when back then in 1948 Palestinians villages were destroyed which led the settlement of Israel.

Israeli troops fired teargas and shells on Palestinians protesters near northern part of Gaza strip. After the lethal and violent response by the Israeli forces, protesters dispersed and all were looking for safe place.

Gaza strip
source: Haitham Imad/EPA

Ivanka Trump daughter of US president unveils the stone plate at the new US embassy at the Jerusalem.

US embassy
Source: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images

Hundreds of teargas and shells were fired over protesters, which wounded thousands of people including children and women.

Gaza strip
Photograph: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images

Citizens of Israel spotted taking picture at the old city’s walls featured with Israel and US flag carrying message “Thank you president Trump”

Photograph: Ammar Awad/Reuters

The whole world is sleeping and the killing of innocents continues.

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