Coke Studio Season 11’s First BTS With Naghma And Lucky Is Out

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Coke studio Season 11 first episode is coming out soon and we are super excited!

Who doesn’t know about coke studio? Since coke studio has started, it has given us so much of spiffing treasure. Our coke studio is known worldwide for its work. After the successful  10 years coke studio season 11 is all set to be launched. And their first BTS is out.

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The extraordinary thing about this season is, Naghma and Lucky, the two transgenders are going to be the part of this season. It’s amazing to see how coke studio is breaking the stereotypes of our society thinking about transgenders as some alien creature. Who has been facing negligence of so many rights.


But seems like not anymore. Naghma and Lucky the duo will be singing “Baalkada” along with  Jimmy Khan.

The song sounds real fun. And here is the BTS

What you think about the duo and coke studio’s this initiative. Do share with us!

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