The Best Coke Studio Season 9 Songs (2016) PART 2

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And here’s the list of the best songs from the other genres of Coke Studio Season 9:


This track features Zebunnisa Bangash and Noorie and is written by Zehra Nigah. A joyful countryside love song, this has a nice, light and cheerful feel to it. The composition is harmonious and engaging, making you instantly want to sing along. Noorie has done a tremendous job with the music direction and the vocals are soothing yet catchy. Therefore, this is a song that you would love listening to, specially on a road trip, during the rainy season or anywhere near nature.


A folk song from Rajasthan whose music has been directed by Shiraz Uppal. This is a signature Coke studio fusion with Naseebo Lal performing the folk parts and Uzair Jaswal, the soft rock parts. Naseebo amazes the listener with her vocal range. Whereas, Uzair’s alluring vocals blend well with hers, just like the Bollywood style traditional music structure and the Western style rock ones do. This is an amusing song about missing one’s lover/husband. However, it has an entertaining, catchy beat which is sure to charm you!


A lyrical masterpiece by Javed Akhtar from across the border and composed accordingly by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This one never gets old. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s strong vocals give life to the romantic lyrics. On the other hand, Momina Mustehsan’s soft singing give the song a delicate feel. The music director Fakhir Mehmood attempts a daring modification by changing the music genre from Qawwali to acousitic, and that gives it a refreshing twist.


This features the Indian singer Shilpa Rao and the parents of the Noorie brothers, Noor Zehra Kazim and Ali Kazim. Noorie has directed and performed this incredible song. A popular traditional folk song, it is also part of the familial heritage of the Kazims. It creates a deep impact specially when Noor Zehra plays the ancient instrument ‘Saagar Veena’. Interestingly, this instrument was invented by her own father, Raza Kazim! This song is about reuniting with one’s lover. The lyrics, combined with the exceptional singing and music, touch the soul and make you think of the age-old love stories.


With music directed by Shuja Haider and performed by the fresh and youthful Asim Azhar and Momina Mustehsan, this is a typical Pakistani romantic pop song. Asim steals the show with his heartwarming singing but Momina compliments it with her delightful vocals. The blend of soft piano, Sitar and violin creates a soothing effect and makes the song even more enjoyable.


Shakeel Sohail has wriiten this captivating love song. The lyrics are in Arabic, Urdu and Punjabi all together. The refreshing and admirable Nirmal Roy and Jabbar Abbas (who, by the way, sounds exactly like the Indian singer Sukhwinder Singh!) sweep us off our feet with their powerful performance. Shiraz Uppal is the music director. The song is entertaining, lively, and very likely to get you hooked.


A famous traditional Punjabi wedding song, this has been performed to perfection by the vocal powerhouse Meesha Shafi and the talented classical singer Naeem Abbas Rufi. Shuja Haider, the music director, has effectively merged the Desi wedding music with Western soft rock to create a fun song full of merriment and festivity. This is a great song to dance to at weddings and is sure to provoke your inner Mehendi dancer!

8- O RE

A lovely modern love song, this one has been written, composed and performed by Noorie. Ali Hamza sings his heart out while Ali Noor rocks his guitar performance. Both work together to create a pleasant pop-rock single. Consequently, this one radiates beautiful vibes. A charming combination of the influences of Noorie and Coke Studio, this is a song you would want to enjoy again and again.


Have a great time enjoying this music! You can thank me later. 😉


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