How to Control Your Temper During Fasting?

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The holy month of Ramzan brings many blessings for Muslims. However, we human beings always do a good job of turning a blessing (rehmat ) into a difficulty (zehmat). Besides the mad rush in traffic and the scramble for food at aftari time, one issue that almost everyone faces while fasting is of controlling were temper during fasting. People fighting on the streets at the slightest provocation becomes a common act during Ramzan. The sweltering heat, frequent load-shedding and water shortages increase the irritation level of the masses.

Some Tips To Control Your Temper During Fasting

Allah (S.W.T) has forbidden anger (haram) and according to some scholars, getting angry or aggressive during fasting can even invalidate your fast. So here is a list of the things that Islam (and common sense) suggests we can do to control our tempers while observing a fast.

  1. Recite Ta’awwudh


Ta’awwudh means seeking Allah’s protection from the devil. It contains the words

“A’udhu billahi min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem”

Reciting ta’wwudh in times of anger is recommended by the Prophet (PBUH).  You can recite these words as many times as you want if you feel angry or frustrated. Doing so will help you engage in a positive activity. It will also help you realize that anger is often a ploy of the devil to make pd become angryeople fight among themselves.


  1. Change your position

This anger management technique was recommended by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

First, if one is standing, one should sit down. If you find yourself being angry about something and you are standing up, break the sequence of events and sit down immediately. Similarly if you are to loose your temper while sitting down, the remedy is to lie down.  

  1.  Ablution (wazoo)/ & Ghusal


The Prophet (PBUH) has directed Muslims to perform ablution or bath (ghusl) to get rid of anger. One can also wash their face. Basically, water acts as a cooling agent and you instantly feel better and more calmed down. Since we can’t drink water while fasting, washing your face or taking a shower is the next best thing.

  1. Distract yourself


Psychologists recommend using distraction techniques to get a hold of your anger. This can include doing meditation, taking deep breaths or counting up to 50 before reacting to a situation which might irritate you. Doing so will help you rationally analyse the situation. It will also stop you from making remarks or actions that you might regret later.


  1. Engage in some physical exercise


People who have long-term aggression issues are mostly advised to channel their aggression in a positive or healthy activity. Doing physical exercise like running, cycling or swimming will help you keep your temper under control while improving your overall health and well-being.


  1. Think about the consequences of anger


We often hear stories of people killing or harming others in fits of anger. Anger is especially dangerous in marriage, when both the husband and wife are fasting and are quite likely to get angry at each other due to the smallest of issues. Some men have even been known to divorce their wives in anger, only to bitterly regret it later on. To avoid this useless regret, one should think about the consequences of an angry act or remark.

The Prophet (PBUH) has called a man who controls his rage to be stronger than a wrestler. This is because controlling one’s temper at a critical time can save one from a lot of humiliation afterwards. So we should always think about our actions and their possible consequences before doing anything in and angry state.



  1. Take the high road


Sometimes, just ignoring the other person and keeping quiet is the best response to an irritating person. Engaging in a physical or verbal fight will escalate things even more. Fasting promotes control over one’s physical and psychological actions. So letting go of anger-inducing situations and people will help in keeping you calm under pressure. The Prophet (PBUH) has given the perfect remedy for such a situation. He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“If one of you is fasting, let him not utter obscenities on that day or raise his voice, and if anyone reviles him or wants to pick a fight with him, let him say ‘I am a person who is fasting.’ ”



These are just a few anger management techniques. You should try to imply these tips in any situation, especially while observing a fast. We hope you can make use of these tips to have a calm and productive Ramadan. Best of Luck!

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