Court rejected Meesha Shafi’s appeal; just a night before the premiere of TIT

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Court rejected Meesha Shafi’s appeal; just a night before Ali Zafar’s movie “Teefa in trouble” premiere.

In case if you don’t know then here what’s happening and why people are protesting against Ali Zafar. Back on April 19, Meesha Shafi shared a picture on her Twitter account,

where she accused singer-cum-actor Ali Zafar of sexual harassment.

Here is the tweet!


whereas, on the other hand, Ali Zafar posted a photo on his Instagram denying everything that Meesha has said.


A post shared by Ali Zafar (@ali_zafar) on

After that, the case went into court, but Meesha didn’t appear in court because of which the court last night rejected her appeal.


But Ali Zafar is continuously facing throngs after throngs, whether it’s his promotion of the movie or about the premiere.

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Just last night people stopped Feroze Khan when he was at Neuplex for the premiere of Teefa


People are boycotting Ali Zafar and his movie. Masses are coming with posters of Aliz Zafar with a red cross on them chanting,

“Sharam Karo Sharam Karo, Neuplex Sharam Karo”


And many other Naary!

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