Cricket Family Greets Imran Khan On Victorious Elections

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The victory of Imran Khan in general election is the new headline all over the world

Imran Khan 22 years struggle finally paid off and number of cricketers from subcontinent share their greetings and support to the legendary cricketers turned politician. Some known name from other side of the border also shared their love to Khan.

Former world cup winning Indian captain Kapil Dev congratulated Imran Khan and stated, ” Winning a World Cup is one thing but leading a nation is a completely different ball game all together,” He further added, ““To be honest his achievements in cricket pale in comparison to leading a country.”

Imran khan’s credibility is no doubt of a perfect man, even in his cricketing days Khan was known for his blunt personality. Even Kapil Dev talking in an interview stated,

“He [Imran] is a born leader and I truly hope he can help his country,”

Not even Kapil Dev but many Pakistani cricketers also hailed Imran Khan victory

Ramiz Raja also tweeted

Pakistan’s heartthrob LALA also tweeted

All rounder Muhammad Hafeez even congratulated Khan sahab.

The victory of Imran Khan led PTI is a nightmare for other major parties in the country. However people of Pakistan have chosen Mr. Khan as their new leader for next five years.

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