Daily Show host Trevor Noah Apologies Over India-Pakistan Comments

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Trevor Noah apologises for his ‘ignorant and racist’ Bollywood war joke


Trevor Noah, a comedian and late-night talk show host, apologised for the comments he made over heightened tensions between India and Pakistan.

Noah apologised when a twitter user backlashed him saying,  “It’s sad when someone who’s had a violent past mocks war through a Bollywood stereotype. @Trevornoah’s mother was shot in the head by her husband (Trevor’s stepfather). Imagine someone making fun of it with a Xhosa stereotype – the tribe his mum belongs to.”


He quoted the tweet and replied


A couple of days ago, Noah, the South African comedian put on an Indian accent and portrayed a potential war between the two nations in the form of a Bollywood movie.

“If they did go to war it would probably be the most entertaining war of all time,” Noah said on the Comedy Central programme.

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