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Crazy summers!

Do you want to know about a drink that will keep you refreshed, energetic with clear skin and will also aid weight loss? Isn’t it too much to expect from a drink? Fortunately, you’re in the right place to know about such a drink. I will be telling you the best magic drink that will not only flush toxins from your body but will also give you clear skin and ideal body!

You left your home and you felt drops of sweat dripping from your forehead and where not. Do you know what your body is losing with that sweat? no? yes? whatever, even if you know or don’t. I will be telling you anyway (just kidding). Your sweat mostly contains water, a little salt, ammonia, sugar, and urea. Heavy sweating can make you lose some important minerals & electrolysis. Although sweating is great for your health but sweating way too much can end up causing dehydration in your body.

So, to keep yourself hydrated with all these overwhelming benefits that I have just mentioned above, then go for a detox drink.

You will find thousands of recipes on the internet but I’m going to share my favorite one and the one I make for myself. I used to be known as ” detox-waali” back in my university because I always had my detox bottle with me.


You gonna need the ideal ingredient which most of the detox water has, a cucumber. Cucumber will keep you stay hydrated it also acts as a pain reliever and will help you maintain your weight and also improve your digestion by preventing constipation. So, add some slices of cucumber.

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Then there is a lemon that is full of vitamin C. Which is amazing for your skin & will keep you hydrated with fresh breath. Cut a lemon in a half & squeeze it a little in your bottle and leave it in the bottle along with the peeling.

Then add a tablespoon of basil seeds which is known as tukhmalanga in Urdu. Basil seeds do wonders to your hair and skin they reduce inflammation in your body and also help you with weight loss. They can even cure your cough and flu. Isn’t it just miraculous?

Now it’s time for the last ingredient, mint. Add some of it leaves like 4 or 5 for refreshment. Mint will not only give you the feeling of pure freshness but will also improve digestion which aids in weight loss and glowing skin.

Mix all the ingredients and leave for about 3-4 hours, for best results leave it for a night.

There you have your perfect detox water. You can keep it with you all day long or take it with you to work or university and also you can refill your bottle for 2 to 3 times.

happy drinking!


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