Simple Ways To Detoxify Your Body To Banish Winter Bloating

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Many of us experience an uncomfortable condition in winters. It is called winter bloating. Well, no need to worry because we bring to you a list of simple things you can do to avoid this problem:

1- Get up from a good sleep and drink a glass of hot lemon water with honey

Winter Bloating

This easy fix jump-starts your digestion, is a great source of vitamin C, and helps balance pH levels. An added bonus: it supports detoxification in your liver.

2- Include a green smoothie in your breakfast

Winter Bloating

To let your digestive system rest from its usual routine of chewing and digesting, follow your hot lemon water with a breakfast including a healthy green juice or a green smoothie. This will give your digestion a short break.

3- Keep drinking water throughout the day

Winter Bloating

Make a serious commitment to hydrate all day long, every day. My recommendation to everyone: drink at least one full liter before noon. This will put you in the groove, and make drinking water later throughout the day not feel so daunting. You can perk up your water by adding some flare, like cucumber, orange slices, or strawberries. This will add some flavor, like you’re having a drink!

4- Sweat it out

Winter Bloating

The benefits of working out early morning have no parallel to workout at any other time of the day. It also helps detoxify, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure. And it just feels so good and fresh!

5- Eat bloat-fighting foods

Winter Bloating

Bloating may be the reason your pants are still feeling a little tight post-winter. I recommend conquering it with Dandelion Or Peppermint Tea, adding Asparagus to your dinner, and using Parsley to top your meals. Include foods with anti bloating properties like Cucumber, Banana, Papaya, Yogurt and Fennel Seeds.

We hope that these tips help you avoid winter bloating and stay healthy and fresh. All the best!

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