PM of Malaysia Arrives in Islamabad

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PM Dr Mahathir Arrival

Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be arriving in Islamabad on a three-day visit. He was invited by Imran Khan himself. It is expected that Malaysian Prime Mininter will be accompanied by his wife and Higher Officials of Malaysia, therefore, Imran Khan will be receiving him on the Noor Air Base himself.

mahathir-imran-khanPrime Minister Imran Khan casually engaging in a conversation with Dr Mahathir on his tour to Malaysia.

Guest Of Honour

Dr Mahathir Mohammad will stay in Pakistan till 23rd March. Furthermore, he has been made the guest of honour at the Pakistan Day Parade.  He will be escorted through high security and will witness the Parade with Defense Minister of Azerbaijan, Bahrain’s Chief of Army Staff and Omani officials as stated by Major General Asif Ghafoor.


Even before the arrival, He has been receiving a warm welcome by  The Nation, Masses are expressing their enthusiasm for the arrival of Dr Mahathir through Social Media.



The Parade

On 23rd March Pakistan Day will be celebrated,  this day commemorates the passing of  Lahore Resolution. Consignments from the invited countries will participate in the parade. Hence to put emphasis on the Pak-China Relationship China has notably sent J-10 fighter jets to Pakistan to participate in the parade. Here is a glimpse of the Rehearsal.


People of Pakistan are looking forward to Dr. Mahathir`s visit and hoping that it can create a positive image worldwide.

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