A Message For EDHI SAAHAB On His 89th Birth Anniversary

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The perfect example of kindness to mankind and a great humanitarian, (Late) Abdul Sattar Edhi, you are still alive in our hearts and memories. We miss you deeply and honor you for all the efforts you made for humanity. We are thankful to you Edhi Saahab, for portraying a unique example of generosity.

It’s your 89th birthday today and though you have departed to a higher place, we still feel your presence and highly appreciate all your exemplary work for the welfare of humans. You presence is still felt in the lives of people who you touched with your kindness and whose futures you helped shape for the better. In addition, your efforts for feeding numerous people and providing shelter along with a safe environment will be rewarded eternally.

Google Pays A Tribute Edhi Saahab On Their Home Page

You are recognized all around the world and your work is appreciated by all the mankind. It is in your honor and respect that today, even Google is paying you a tribute by setting the EDHI DOODLE as their homepage:

Edhi Saahab


You were the most compassionate and caring person that all of us have ever seen. Always keen for providing everything you can to those who were in need. No words such as Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Compassionate, Humane, Benefactor, Social-Reformer, Good-doer are good enough to summarize your personality and efforts.

Edhi Saahab

The reason for this is that despite all your efforts for social welfare, you were never interested in publicity. You even refused to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. To Edhi Saahab, those lives saved and the smiles that spread were the best prize that he could have ever received. Edhi once said that,

“I don’t care about it. The Nobel Prize doesn’t mean anything to me. I want the welfare for these people, I want humanity.”

Edhi Saahab

On this day we wish you were still with us, because no one is nor anyone will ever be like you. No man can do those things that you did for us and we are in desperate need of making this land a better place for all of us.


We will keep you in our memories and will always love you with all our hearts. We will never forget you because we just can’t, even if we wanted to. You have given us the lesson about humanity and selflessness, which no one else could.

Edhi Saahab

In the world of today, when there is a race for money, fame and power, I doubt that there would be someone else like you. Nobody can take your place, and you will remain engraved in our hearts forever. You strived for the welfare of others and in this age, putting others before you is a virtue one can only dream of. You and your tremendous work for the well-being of humans will be remembered perpetually.

We wish you on your day with due respect, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EDHI SAAHAB”.


Because you are Pakistan’s biggest hero. And heroes never die. 

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