Ladies, These Are The Fashion Trends Of 2017 That You Shouldn’t Miss This Eid!

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Eid is just around the corner and we are all looking for the perfect fashion and styling tips. We have made your life easier by listing the best Fashion Trends of 2017 for you to follow on Eid:

Fashion Trends 2017

1- Peplum Dresses

This is a beautiful East-West fusion trend. These peplum dresses or short frocks may be worn as semi-formal or formal attire. These dresses can be worn with straight pants/trousers, bell-bottom pants and Ghagra pants.

These dresses look best in softer color tones. Particularly, light colors are preferable for Eid this year as it is occurring in the summer season this year. Have a look at these beautiful peplum dresses by our local designers:

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2- Ghagra Pants

Also called Sharara pants, these are halfway between the traditional Gharara/Ghaghra and straight pants/trousers. This is one of the most tricky Fashion Trends, as striking the perfect balance between too less ghair (drapes) and too many is difficult. However, if stitched perfectly and most importantly, carried gracefully, they bring back the age-old sophistication and elegance to contemporary fashion. The shirts combined with these pants often have sleeves having the same shape. It looks fabulous!

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3- Bell-Bottoms

Additionally, the old school trend of bell bottom trousers is back. This time around, they are worn with very short shirts, and often have strips of net, lace or chiffon towards the end or some bead or thread work. The bell bottom trousers add an instant glamor element to the complete look and they are great fun to wear too!

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4- Tulip Shalwars

Shalwars keep coming in and out of women fashion in Pakistan. It seems like we Pakistanis can’t live without wearing shalwars, so the designers keep inventing new ways to bring them back!

This time around, the trend of tulip shalwars started. These are our regular shalwars with a twist. They are not too loose and have some folds. The overall shape is like that of a tulip flower, hence the name. Although there have been a few fashion disasters with these tulip shalwars, they can be worn with style. These pictures are a few examples of how:

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5- Traditional/Cultural Footwear

Eid is the perfect excuse to wear the traditional footwear that we all love but is too formal to wear on other occasions. Heels never go out of fashion but Desi flats also look great on Eid.

The best Desi trends to follow are of the khussas, kola puri chappals and the Peshawari sandals. These are easily available in exciting new shapes, designs and colors nowadays. Some are even inspired by interesting themes such as the truck art theme. Check out these pictures for some inspiration:



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Peshawari Sandals

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6- Trendy Jewelry

Tassle Earrings

This time around, tussles earrings are the current craze. They go perfectly with both Eastern and Western attire. Here are some pictures for you:

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These pretty traditional earrings are perfect for Eid. They ooze out elegance and charm and are deliciously feminine and Desi. They come in all sizes, colors and designs. A particularly interesting design is the one having peacocks (see picture below). In short, Jhumkas are the easiest ingredient for a rocking Eid look. Here, let Sonam Kapoor convince you!

Fashion Trends

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7- Hairstyles and Makeup

Go for a minimal makeup look such as smoky eyes and nude lips. Also, you could choose simple hairstyles such as messy buns, side buns, side braids or just your blow dried hair let loose:

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8- Henna

If you like applying henna/mehendi on Eid and you are bored of the brown/red henna, you could try out the white henna:

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Well, that’s all for now. I hope that you find these Fashion Trends tips useful. May you hit the perfect balance between going overboard and looking under-dressed this Eid! Don’t forget to take a lot of photos and have the mandatory Eid selfie/grandfie with your family and friends! Most importantly, do not forget to put a portrait as your Facebook profile picture (because Eid is the perfect excuse!). But try to keep the photos a bit natural…it’s Eid-ul-Fitr and not Eid-ul-Filter, you know!

Have anything to add to this list? Leave a comment below.

The Daily Punch Team wishes you all a very happy Eid! 🙂

Picture Credits: Ethnic and Fusion, Zainab Chotani, Fashion Even, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Borjan, Chapter 12, Sana Maskatiya, Marium Shahzad, Mochari and others. 


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