#EikNekiRozana is trending on Twitter and its Amazing!

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Twitterati are the first and foremost in getting good things in trend, and the latest is #EikNekiRozana.

The concept of #EikNekiRozana is to utilize the month of Ramadan to maximum potential and do one small neki on a daily basis.

Small deeds and actions go a long way in making life better, and what better time but Ramadan to advocate the message of helping others?

The hashtag was put into spotlight by Surf Excel’s Ramadan campaign advertisement.


Pakistani’s followed suit and devised simple, yet effective nekis  for all to follow.

From simple ones like this:

To creative nekis like

#EikNekiRozana conveys the message of peace and harmony, something the country is in dire need off.

Pakistani’s came forward with their generosity

and typically couldn’t help being sarcastic


The message is simple. Do one neki – good deed – on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be charity or generous donations as one user pointed out

Hopefully, everybody joins the trend and make this Ramadan truly a month of blessings!

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