Exams Or Nightmare

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Studying For Exams Is The Hardest Thing Of All.

As a student, we all face this period where we say we will study for the exams on a particular time and then end up not doing so.

We go through this stage in every semester. For the entire semester, we take it lightly and the night before the exam, we do not know what to do. Hence, we stress out ourselves.



I Do Not Know Why I Am Like This. Do You?


In addition, we have that one subject in every semester whose lecture goes over our head. Half of the time, we don’t know what exactly is going on or what the lecturer is trying to explain. Asking your classmates for help is of no use. It is like facing the mirror because they themselves are facing the same problem.

The Most Difficult Point Comes When you Are Unable To Decide What To Study First.

Having a friend who always distract and drags us away from the study is an added bonus. SERIOUSLY!


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Above all, being a book worm does not help it at all. Choosing course books and boring lectures over a favorite novel is another hard choice to make but we have to do something about it.

It is important and challenging to make a schedule to study for exams. Well, most important is to follow the schedule, which is something we hardly imply most of the time.

Studying and passing the course is more of a struggle than anything else in our lives is. Finding out that you are not the only one who is unable to understand the course gives a sense of relief (that is so wrong in all ways).

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Especially, late night studies with our group of friends on the call are one of the best moments. Although it includes more gossiping and laughing, and less studying for exams.

While having group studies, we certainly make plans to hang out soon after papers end.


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After all the hardships of studying when we see our paper on the day, we laugh at first. We laugh because we know every question as the paper is too easy and we were stressing out for no reason. Or else we do not recognize anything and we know that we are going to flunk in it.

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Therefore, attempting the paper is risky and if we pass, we call it a MIRACLE.

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