Legendary explorer Mike Horn is in Pakistan to climb Nanga Parbat – Here’s a sneak into his mammoth achievements.

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The world renowned explorer is in Pakistan as he attempts to scale the ‘killer mountain’ – Nanga Parbat in his second try.

Mike Horn announced his arrival in a post on his Instagram page. Safe to say we agree with the caption, Mike!

Mike Horn previously attempted to climb Nanga Parbat in 2015, but called the expedition off less than 5,000 feet off the summit due to bad weather. He was right, as an avalanche killed the teams that carried on.


Mike is no stranger to daring expeditions – He willingly partakes in adventures that are seemingly inhuman.

Mike Horn rose to fame after completing a one-year, 6-month solo journey around the equator in 2001. He did so without any motorized transport. In 2004 he undertook a two-year, 3-month solo circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle. In 2006 along with Norwegian explorer Børge Ousland, Mike Horn, became the first men to travel without dog or motorized transport to the North Pole during winter, in permanent darkness. To put this feat into context, 12 men have been on the moon. None as crazy to explore the North Pole on foot.

He has led several ground breaking expeditions, and his latest goes by the name #Pole2Pole. A two year circumnavigation of the globe via the South and North Pole.


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Mike Horn relies on the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon –  and is a brand ambassador for the company.

The extreme athlete and adventurer aims to travel around the globe on a unique journey – from Europe to Africa, the Antarctic, Oceania, Asia, the Arctic, North America, and back again to Europe. As on his successful K2 expedition last year, the Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador will be relying on the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for his global expedition #Pole2Pole. Since 2008 and 2012 Mike Horn has been closely connected with Mercedes-Benz. Mike Horn also has a watch named after him. The Panerai PAM307, made especially for him – which costs 8,500 Euros.


Mike Horn is adept at motivating, having boosted the morale of several triumphant sporting sides.

During 2010 and 2011, he conducted motivational sessions for the Indian Cricket Team at the request of its coach, Gary Kirsten. The team went on to win the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Members of Indian Cricket Team acknowledged Horn’s motivational work


Horn accompanied the South African cricket team on an expedition to the Alps in 2012, as a team bonding exercise. It was a part of their preparation for their Test series against then No. 1 ranked team England. They dominated England in the first test, a feat which England and world cricket had not seen in a decade. South Africa won the series 2–0. With this victory, South Africa took the No. 1 test ranking from England.

He was also hired by Kolkata Knight Riders team for IPL-7 and KKR went on a 9 match unbeaten run eventually winning the IPL Title.


The latest in line to benefit from Horn’s expertise was the German football team. The entire squad went on a sailing trip with Horn in June during their preparations for the World Cup and came out a rejuvenated side.

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Germany captain Philipp Lahm was impressed, saying ” it was incredible what the human body can achieve”. “We must be well prepared, and have to respect the opponent,” said Lahm when asked what they had learned after Horn’s presentation. Eventually even Germany won the FIFA World Cup, after 24 years.”


Mike Horns doesn’t believe in doing things half halfheartedly, and we pray he reaches the summit of Nanga Parbat this time!

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