A Facebook page posted a musically of a girl and ridicule her

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First of all, I would like to clear this up that there’s nothing to do with feminism here. Now back to the point, social media is a crazy place. On one hand, if it can make you famous, on another hand, it can even destroy you in many ways.

Memes are fine, jokes are fine but degrading someone or making fun of someone or body shaming, is not fine at all.

When I saw this video, I felt terrible for the girl because the admin of the page posted it for fun, but I guess not thinking even for a second that how this can affect her mentally and her life.


What’s wrong with it if she’s comfortable in her skin and has the confidence to come up and make a musically who’re we to judge her?? or make fun of her?

Even people are tagging each other and feel like having fun.

But ultimately when some sensible people tried to condemn the act and demand the admin to remove it, the admin started using foul language and even foul logic

This is how the admin of the page responded.


According to the admin, if you’re a learner and trying to do something, then he will make fun of you 🙂

Even if she’s making fun of herself, nobody has the right to do that to her!!

Now the admin will decide what people should do. If you don’t know anything and you do it, he’ll judge you like this 🙂

Even some guys didn’t like it either.


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And there were these girls <3


Making fun of people isn’t the only way to be funny!

Be creative, make memes but don’t mock others for their weight, talent, looks, the color of their skin, that’s disrespectful and theirs no way you can say that it’s right.

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