Faisal Edhi denies the accusation of Sexual Harassment

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Faisal Edhi accused of Sexual Harassment

As we all know Abdul Sattar Edhi has gained respect all over the world. His social services are an example for every social worker. However, his son Faisal Edhi is been accused of sexual harassment. Urooj Zia a journalist in addition to#Metoo added her story.

Urooj Zia used the platform of  Twitter to elaborate her #MeToo Moment, accusing Faisal Edhi. Here is the whole thread where she discusses her whole experience.

As soon as people get to know about this she explains that people are going to backlash. But she is not going to sit back with this incident.
Since she was working for a small commie party as she said. She went Edhi center for fundraising.
Further, she explains how he tried to convince her to drop her back at the office. And how he manages to assault her.
To put it differently, she tries to ignore the incident as a misunderstanding. Therefore she tried to ignore the incident.
But actually, the nightmare had just started. When he started texting her out of work.
However, he tried to capture her by offering her some phone credit. Trying to bribe her for some foolish things?
Although being ignored doesn’t affect him to stop. He kept his mission going on as Urooj said.
Further, in her explanation, she expressed her feeling of being harassed by such a respectful person.

As soon as this people came across this news. Social media was flooded with the questions against Faisal Edhi. The son of respectful and appreciated Philanthropist Adul Satar Edhi. Whereas He denies all the allegation against him.

“I do not even know this lady and I have no idea why she is leveling allegations against me.”

He also added,

“I have no recollection of any such incident, I might have refused to give funds to someone and they might be trying to defame me in retaliation.”

#MeToo movement has promoted many women in Pakistan to talk about injustice.

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