Falak Shabir questions Pakistani media,after Race 3 steals his song!

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Falak Shabir’s song got stolen by Race 3 and this is pathetic.

Our ‘king of soul style’ our ‘Mr unplugged’ Falak Shabir who got famous since 2008 by his song ‘Rog” seemed a little pissed when Indians stole his song without his permission.

Matlab khud mehnat Karo naa !!

I’m already angry on India for ruining so many of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab’s classic songs; they literally sound shit to me, no matter how beautifully they sing an compose it to renew. Though Rahat Fateh Ali is our pride, he is amazing but I personally don’t like when he sings NFAK’s songs. Because the original will ALWAYS be original and the best, so we must stop ruining them.

Well, lets come to the point. Falak Shabir’s song ‘Naina Da Nasha’ ft Deep money was released in 2015.
Whereas Salman Khan’s Race 3 released on  June 14, 2018, and it’s song ‘Heeriye’ which has been sung by Deep Money and Meert Bros is a Ditto copy of the original just a little difference even the music is copied. And nobody took any action. Falak seemed a bit upset because no Pakistani media talked about it.

Here we can see that clearly!


And of course, it is saddening. If you’re coping at least have the courtesy to give credits or something to the original. Instead, they took the whole credit themselves. This is shameful.

“The Race 3 song ‘Heeriye’ is a copy of my original composition ‘Naina Da Nasha’, which I launched in 2015. The production house that made Race 3 never asked for permission to use my composition. The film’s music producers have not given me credit for my song.” Falak said.

He also tweeted to Salman Khan.

Twitter: @FalakShabir1

Many fans in tweets and Instagram comments suggested Falak that he should take legal action by himself and demand the credit for himself for the plagiarism.

But Falak hasn’t shown any action yet or maybe he is working on that. Well, fans are still waiting to know.

Pakistani media should take his head out of politics for a while and should support the country’s starts when they need the so-called media.

Here is the original track

And this is the copied Race3 track

Now you compare both the songs and decide on your own!


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