Need Some Tips For Fantasy Premier League 2017-18 Season!?

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English Premier League, the most exciting league in Europe by a country mile will begin on Friday, 11th of August 2017. The first fixture would see Arsenal hosting Leicester city, champions of 2015-16 season. Catching up with the thrilling fixtures week in week out has always been a top priority for the footy fans. However, since the introduction to Fantasy Premier League, things have turned out to be more intriguing than ever.

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A Limited Budget

Choosing 15 players within a limited budget of £100.0 is not really easy as you can’t grasp every top player you feel like. You really have to work out your brains on selecting players as per their pedigree and their current form to form a formidably balanced squad. Weekly transfers always keep you interacted, making your moves analyzing the weekend fixtures and the individual performances. Not to deny the expectations you carry as a manager from your captain.


Although we all have those annoying weekends when your captain is just able to collect the basic “2” points. Moreover, if you have players like Diego Costa in your team you can subtract one more point, because he will surely get a yellow card in a game where things do not go well for him. So, there are these low scoring weeks you face as a manager in the Fantasy Premier League.

Fantasy Premier League Boosts

The Fantasy Premier League becomes interesting every season with an introduction to some of the new features. These added features, besides the two wildcards you can play are a sort of boosts which helps you to make your week a massive one as you can end up taking a huge lead in the specific leagues you are playing or a huge leap that would close the gap at the top of the table. It has been two seasons since we have three amazing boosts to play with during the whole season. Triple Captain, All Out Attack and the Bench Boost. You can only choose one boost per week for once only. So you have to be very wise because if it doesn’t works , trust me you will feel like shit.


Fantasy Draft Or A Fish Market!!?

This season the FPL has come up with this new idea which is knows as the “Fantasy Draft“. Now this got me excited at first as I was told that there is no limited budget. But, then came in the buzz killer as my friend told me that a player selected by him could not be selected by any other participant in the league, which you would create in the fantasy draft zone.


It is a little bit too late for those who want to join now as the draft teams deadline has passed. But, then the experience was awesome. Although at the time of transfers, six of us in the league were reflecting the morning time in an actual “Fish Market” where everybody wants the freshest of the lot, but unfortunately you can’t get them all. We all ended up selecting a decent squad, but given the 2 minute time period to select each player was always calling for a mistake which you would want to rectify later, which you can by reading the specific rules set for ‘Fantasy Draft’. 

All I am saying is that this is something where your plans are just like the smoke from my joint which disperses quickly in the thin air. It is not as easy as it sounds, but surely it’s a whole lot of fun.

This is what my team looks like. Fingers crossed, bring it on !
This is what my fantasy draft team looks like. Fingers crossed, bring it on !

However, there is still time to make your squad to play the normal Fantasy Premier League

I have made twelve different squads with variations displaying a solid defense or a midfield or forwards. Each team has a strength in different positions as you can’t have them all in a limited budget. This shall help you when you are making your Fantasy team. Do let us know if you think there could be any specific changes that could be made to make any specific team much better.

Moreover, Do share a screenshot with us, if your team is ready to go.  

Cmo’n you footy fans !!! Show us what you got !

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