Lower The Fares: Wasim Akram, CEO For A Day, Calls For Changes In Careem

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As the demand of ride hailing services in Pakistan has picked up its pace, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that all such services in the country are using different business tactics to create traction among the passengers. Careem is perhaps the most widely popular on-demand cab service in Pakistan. It recently revised fare rates for its Go Rides, among others. The reduction in the fares consequently ignites the business competition with the other cab services.

Careem recently came under the limelight as it appointed the legendary, Wasim Akram to become the CEO of the company. However, his appointment specified a 24 hour period i.e only for a day. An executive order then made it official to announce the reduction in Careem fares in Lahore and Karachi.

Reduction In Fares:

  • 25% in Lahore for all Go Rides
  • 20% in Karachi for all Go Rides


The recent move made by Careem is a part of its bigger plan to position itself as a dominant ride hailing service in the country. The company is currently experiencing high demand of its services in Pakistan. However, the move indicates that it is planning to step up its game by luring passengers to use its services instead of others.

Alongside many former cricketers, Wasim Akram became a prominent figure in Pakistan. He gained fame both in and out of Pakistan. Even the Indians respected the phenomenal talent he had in the game. As a coach, he also guided Kolkata Knight Riders, who went on to become the champions of IPL in 2012 and 2014.


Expressing his views on the recent changes, the Managing Director (MD) of Careem, Junaid Iqbal said:

“I am excited to announce Wasim Akram as our Honorary CEO of Careem Pakistan. He is the perfect cultural fit for Careem. And there is no one more qualified than the Sultan of Swing, Wasim Akram to head Careem Pakistan. I am proud to pass the torch to him and I have full confidence that he will bring out the best in our employees, Captains and Customers.”

Have Your Say to Change Careem

Wasim Akram, on his appointment, had asked both the passengers and the Captains to share one change that they would like Careem to make in his authority.  After reviewing all the comments, he decided to reduce the fare rates.

The ride hailing service said its main aim is to offer a more safe, convenient and reliable service to its customers every day. The company claims that the reduction in prices will also make travelling less worrisome.

We are sure that most passengers would agree with this and will have a good time enjoying this incentive!


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