Father Beats 4 Year old daughter and Send Videos to Wife

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Recently, a video went viral in which a father is seen abusing and beating his 4 year old daughter in a cruel manner. The Abuser`s name is Krishna Muktibodh and the incident took place in the city of Patna, India. The video was posted on social media site Facebook by the mother of the little girl. As it turns out the Father made the videos of beating the girl and send it to his wife as a revenge for running away along with his two daughters.

Krishna used to beat Naina, his wife, after coming home drunk and for the same drinking problem he left his job. She filed a complaint in the police station against him. However, she said that the police supported Krishna after taking bribe from him. Eight months ago, Naina ran away from home with her two daughters but she was unable to take her third. Krishna started beating the youngest daughter daily and used to send video to his wife in order to compel her to come back.


Mother, frustrated by the brutal act shared the videos on Facebook and requested people to help her saving her daughter. The message went viral instantly and people started sharing the videos on other social media platforms as well.

As soon as  the video went viral the Police took notice of the situation and after investigation the matter turned out to be true. Police has arrested the father who was in the drunken state at that time and the daughter has been taken into the police custody. Police has asked the girl’s mother to come to Patna and assist with the case as soon as possible.

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