Your Favorite Hollywood Celebrities Without Eyebrows

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Have you ever imagined how would people look if they had no eyebrows? no?. Anyway, so last night I was watching the movie “get smart” starring Steve Carell (he’s my favorite) and all of a sudden a thought hit my mind while watching this scene that,

What if he had no eyebrows? how would he looked? and then I decided to erase eyebrow of some of our favourite celebrities. So, here I’ve removed their eyebrow and sharing my weird imagination with you people.


(Not even sorry about my imagination)

Brace yourself cause some of them looks so hilarious,

Here’s how Steve Carell looks without the most important facial feature.

Not funny, I know right!
He looks creepy as hell and I’ve actually noticed his nostrils in the one without brows. Otherwise, I would’ve never notice that.

Steve Carell


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And now the famous “Titanic ka hero” for Pakistanis, the Oscar winner 😀

Lionardo Dicaprio!

Lionardo Dicaprio!

He’s my favorite, favorite & favorite. I love his acting and him but with eyebrows obviously.


Jim Carrey guys!

Jim Carrey


I can’t spot any difference in our lovely Beyonce! *kidding*


Same goes for the handsome Brad Pitt. Just slightly different. No?

Brad Pitt


Rihanna, we love your song ” I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE” but to be honest, I don’t love the way you’re looking here without your eyebrows.



*Observing Amy Schumer with a tilted head..she looks kinda clean shaved but fine*

Amy Schumer


Ohh my sweet lord * cries in a corner*.

*Cries even louder*

eyebrow are so important guys !!


And Kylie Jenner..

Kylie Jenner


I’ve always loved Dacre Montgomery‘s bushy eyebrows, the main reason why I wanted to see him without them. And now I realize, I only like him because of his eyebrows *Duh*

Dacre Montgomery's


Okay so people can only like you for your eyebrow too *facepalm*

Damn! eyebrows are really important so important *looking at my eyebrow in the mirror, slighting =my finger on them and crying* The purpose was to make you people realize that how important your eyebrows are*sarcasm alert*.

And how they make a huge difference in your looks so you should be thankful for them and brush them once in a while.

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