How We Feel When We Graduate

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The struggles of studying can demotivate us but it all pays in the end when it is time to graduate.

It is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that, “After every hardship, comes ease.” I believe that it is certainly true. We all go through times where we feel stressed out or stuck in circumstances where we find it hard to move forward, such as during our studies and before we graduate. In times likes those, what we should keep in mind is that there is always light after darkness. Even though it sometimes seems impossible but we do get out of difficult situations and manage to achieve our goals. When that happens, our happiness knows no boundaries and we feel satisfied and proud of ourselves.

Our graduation day is not any different; when we are awarded with our degrees, we feel on top of the world. On our graduation day we all are mixed with emotions: we feel happy, accomplished and dreamy too. We see all our student life in front of our eyes along with the upcoming life and we feel excited for the new journey to begin. Same is with our parents; they feel proud of us that we are moving ahead in our life and are enjoying the achievements that they wanted for us. It feels like their personal achievement too.

As we get flooded with conflicting emotions, it is difficult to decide whether to  laugh or to cry. We end up doing both of them by shedding tears of happiness! Believe it or not, those teary smiles are most beautiful smiles in the world.

The reason to feel proud of ourselves is that we know what we have been through to get that degree and the efforts we have made to achieve our goal. Our belief in hard work and dedication is restored as we realize that efforts never go wasted.


Struggle is an essential part of life, it is in fact the road to success. All those successful people we idealize have gone through many struggles too, surely no one gets everything on a silver platter. It is just that while many people discuss their hardships, a few choose to keep them to themselves. 



The urge to be successful is common but sometimes we desire to have all the luxuries of life without having to do hard work. Waiting for the results is another thing that most of us dislike, but we should all remember that patience is one of the key ingredients of success.


Recently, a new batch of graduates from different institutes have received their degrees, CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!

May you all see a bright future ahead. You all must be feeling really happy and satisfied and many others things all at the same time; no one can put those feeling into words but really that is the most wonderful feeling. Now it is time for the most important part, and that is learning how to become useful and gaining positive experience. It is a great thing that you are now a graduate, but there is still a long way to go!

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Fizza Waqar

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