Female Traffic Cops All Set to Control Traffic in Karachi

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Additional IG Provides Motorbikes to Female Traffic Cops

KARACHI: Female traffic cops in Karachi are in action and all set to control traffic situations on the road, as Additional IG provides motorbikes to the female traffic cops.

On 3rd of December, the big news came out that Female traffic cops will be part of on-field traffic police in Karachi. The news promptly reached almost everywhere. The female traffic cops, not only will be the part of on-field traffic police, but also will do patrolling in the major roads of Karachi

Be Alert Karachite, From Now Female Cops Would Challan For Violating Traffic Rules

Additional IG provided motorbikes to the female traffic cops. One female cop said, when we used to stop those who violates traffic rule, they would not stop and they ran out after violating traffic rules. But, now as we have been provided by motorbikes, we have an opportunity to catch those who run after violating traffic rules and then sanction them.

Female Traffic Cops All Set to Control Traffic in Karachi

Reactions of Pakistanis on The Initiative

People of Pakistan appreciated this initiative and have seen praising this decision of Sindh Police. This is a big step towards women empowerment, and would help Pakistan to portray its image to the world. The official twitter account of Sindh Police has also posted a video on providing motorbikes to Female traffic cops,



We have witnessed it earlier this month too, when a female cop was caught on camera with a gun in her hand and striding with male police officers towards the Chinese consulate in Karachi amid a dangerous situation. Which was then became viral in Pakistan and people around the country appreciated it. And now by providing these bikes to female traffic cops and deploying them on-field with the other traffic police force, would raise the morale of female traffic cops as well as other women of the country too.



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