This FIFA World Cup has not been easy for big teams so far

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Germany, Brazil, and Argentina all favorite names for the FIFA World Cup failed to perform in their opening match

All the opening matches of FIFA world cup have proven that predictions cannot be on point every time. It’s like hitting bull’s eye in the dark room. Brazil hot favorites for the title drew against Switzerland in their opening match, Germany was held back by Mexico’s only goal and Argentina miserably failed to get through Iceland tight defense.

Mexico a team who even suffered in last world cup due to their bad performance have beaten the defending champions Germany. No one saw that coming from Mexico but on another side from last 3 FIFA world cups, it has been fact that defending champions are less likely to clear even group stages. In previous world cup, it was Spain brutally beaten by Netherland side and didn’t even surpass group stages.

Did you even expect Messi would miss a penalty?

Obviously no but it had happened. A bad day on a work raises hundreds of questions for the star. Despite having 70% of the possession throughout the game but 3 points looked way far from their approach. Iceland with their sheer defensive tactics proved their consistency which was in Euro 2016.

This is the first time ever in world cup history these top teams have failed to conquer 3 points in their first group match. It shows how uncertainty prevails this world cup, unpredictable teams are performing and no one has the idea what next will be in knockouts. The possibility of one of the juggernauts missing the knockout stages looms large.

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FIFA world cup host Russia denying all the critics comfortably moved into the knockout stages even have one match in hand. Now all eyes are on who will be next from this group to make it to the next round, although Uruguay looks quite good in position just one blow by Saudi side can make this even tighter.

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