Film on the life of Meera Jee’s journey to stardom is in making

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Meera jee is famous for making headlines and this time she is on the way to make another big news.

Meera jee is known for her quirky and kooky sense of humor and with that she always make headlines regardless of its worthiness. But this time she is on the way to make big and good news.


The rumor has it, the film on the life of Meera jee is in making directed by Saqib Malik. This will be his directorial debut in the industry. The director himself talking to the tribune said,  “We are currently rehearsing for the film but I can’t reveal anything else. The official announcement will come soon.”

The subject of the film is mainly focusing on the life events of the great Meera jee, her rise to the stardom and in industry. It will also feature her leaked sex-tape, which caused a huge damage to the career of Meera jee.


The film is not a proper biopic but it features the incidents of her life.

However, the title of the film has not been finalized yet but the cast includes some famous names from the industry. Mawra Hocane, Osman Khalid butt, Ali kazmi and many others.

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