From Paris to Venice in seconds: The developed Lahore is struck by heavy rain

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A recent heavy rain in Lahore has destroyed the routine life and whole city is flooding


As the monsoon season has started the real face of government would be brought under spot light. Heavy rain in Lahore started Tuesday morning and it all turned city as Venice. All the newly built  projects and roads were blocked due to water logging.

The low laying areas of the city are badly struck by heavy rain water and have forced people to temporarily move out of their residents. All the promises made and vows of developed Lahore are clear in front of us.

There was rain in Lahore but Twitter was also flooding with tweets.

One of the best example of Equality in the city…


There was even new waterfall named “Raiwand Falls” on the main road in the city after rain..

From Paris to Venice in 60 seconds, that devastating change even Imran Khan compete with that …

Pakistan’s one of the famous Gaddafi Stadium Lahore also drowned under rain water.

However all the above pictures and clips are fake, officials of the government has stated this is a propaganda led by opposition. Actual pictures of Lahore after rain are below..

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