Funny Pakistani Products Names That Will Crack You Up!

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In the marketing industry, there is no such thing as bad publicity, or at least that’s what the people following funny Pakistani products names might have thought while naming them. From soaps to diapers, there is no dearth of funny product names in Pakistan. So scroll down and enjoy these funny Pakistani product names with a hearty laugh (or a chuckle) as you think about what actually possessed people to give their products such unorthodox names!

Some of the most funny Pakistani products names are:

1. Due Soap

due-soapDue what?  East, Due West or just Due To? The nice person in me (the one who likes to give others the benefit of doubt when they make a mistake) thinks that maybe they were aiming for ‘Dew’ but ended up with ‘Due’ – perhaps DUE to some miscommunication!  Or maybe a deliberate decision. An alternate scenario is that the person in charge of naming the product couldn’t think of anything and on the DUE date, he/she just wrote down the first thing that came to his/her mind. Anyway, it’s certainly a unique name and perhaps that is all that counts. After all, we should give credit where it is DUE! 😉

2. Gai Soap

gai-soap Again a relic from the PTV era. This product used to be my favorite, simply because I had never seen a Gai (cow) wearing sunglasses or playing with a football. Plus the Gai looks so damn happy while doing all this! The original slogan is “Gai soap, saabunon mein toap” which was later replaced by a much more peaceful “Har koi gai ke gunn gaaey”. Even the addition of the effervescent Juhi Chawla couldn’t beat the original Gai and its sunglasses. Then came the “Gaaye power wash” campaign starring Mahira Khan. I am going off topic here. Long story short: funny name for a soap. ‘Pilloo’ or “Bhaoobhaoo” soap would have been more appropriate, since at least dogs have something to do with dhobis and their ghaats...!

3. Metromilan Agarbatti

metromilan-agarbatti Officially called ‘Billi maarka Metromilan Aagarbatti’, this was and still is a staple in many households. Younger me could not wrap her head around what a cat had to do with incense stick. Plus, what do the words ‘metro’ and ‘milan’ have in common. Adult me is still wondering the same thing. Maybe the owner was a cat person and had premonitions about the metro bus being really popular in 2016-17? I don’t know.

4. Susu Diapers

ProductsThis isn’t exactly a Pakistani product. However, the name is funny and it is being sold in Pakistan, so we’ll make an exception. See, this is best thing about Chinese products. They don’t waste your time by making you guess what the product is used for. For instance, if Metromilan didn’t have the word agarbatti, one would have thought it were some dating/matrimonial portal. But no, the genius behind Susu Daipers is that even if the word ‘diapers’ isn’t mentioned on the packaging, you would have no trouble in knowing what the product actually is used for. No wonder Chinese products are so popular, but may be on this occasion they were unaware of the fact the Malaysians use the term ‘SUSU’ for milk.

5. Kitkat Talcum Powder  kitkat-talcum-powder“Aaxcuse me? Aap bhi?” -LOL.

Its unclear whether the genius of Waseem Hassan Sheikh is behind naming the product or not. But this viral ad is the reason more Pakistanis recognise Kitkat the talcum (read TELCUM) powder than Kitkat the chocolate. Thoughtful? Fluke? You decide. P.S. I unfortunately could not find a picture of Kitkat talcum powder without Waseem Hassan’s face accompanying it, so why don’t you just watch the whole advertisement and laugh/cringe/cry your eyes out.

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be humorous and the writer does not wish to hurt the feelings of/defame the products mentioned. We love all Pakistani products, regardless of their packaging or nomenclature.

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