“Go Out and Vote” Ali Gul Pir Have Released Its Political Themed Song

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Comedian and musician Ali Gul Pir widely known for his unique style have released political themed song.

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As the election season is high, everything seems politicized. Debates, arguments and every conversation is filled with politics. The contesting parties are busy in their jalsas and rallies, journalists and news anchors are busy in high pitch political debates. Election fever have also taken on our artists and musicians, some contesting elections and others are encouraging people to vote.

Entering the industry with his famous song “Wadera Ka Betta” . Comedian and musician Ali Gul Pir have recently launched its new track named “Paris” , which contains the lyrics full of sarcastic comments on the chants and slogans by politicians professing to change Pakistan in just days. Video and content of the song solely seems Ali Gul Pir style, humorous and relatable. He has focused on all the false claims by our politicians and disappearing after winning the polls.

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The track is back by catchy and attractive electronic music powered by SomeWhatSuper. Music perfectly supports the visuals and lyrics. His track not only just a satire on politicians but Ali has encouraged people to go out and vote, he has highlighted the importance of recent polls.

Ali Gul Pir also shared for whom he is gonna vote, you will be shocked.

Listen the full song here:


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