Google Celebrates Its 20th Birthday in Classic Google Style

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It has been 20 years since the internet’s most significant search engine and most viewed website ‘Google’ went live on the internet. The search engine that no one thought could be responsible for nearly half of all the world’s net traffic.

On the Google’s 20th birthday the celebration has been in full swing that too in Google style. Google celebrating its 20 years by just reviving some of the most iconic Google search, Google Doodle and the events to memorize this celebrated moment for a long time.

Google Doodle

Google official blog rewinding 20 most the iconic doodle of from the last 20 years. That includes everyone’s favourite Pacman Doodle that remembered the 30th anniversary of the iconic game.

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It also first live-action Charlie Chaplin that celebrated the comic legend’s 122nd birthday in 2011.

Image result for charlie chaplin google doodle

20 Years Google Website

To make this auspicious occasion more promising google just launched the website that celebrated most searched queries of last 20 years with including actors, sports, TV shows etc.

You can have a view of the most prominent facts of the last two decades like;

  • The most searched movie of 2006 and 2016 was X Men.
  • Flappy Bird was searched in 2014 more than ever.
  • The payphone was searched the most in 1999 and 2000.
  • Breaking Bad was the second most searched TV show of 2013.
  • The Bible is the most searched book since 2003.
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First Google office
Image result for google headquarters googleplex
Aerial View of Google headquarters, Googleplex

The search facts list is perpetual and engaging where we can experience a nostalgia to look back up into yesteryears and wondering can relive the memorable events and our preference with every year.

Google started off in the garage and now nearly 2 billion people use it on daily basis and Google makes sure to celebrate its two-decade with each and every one of its user by reviving some most notable event with us.

What’s your best Google memory till now? Let us know in the comments.

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