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Google Stadia

Google Stadia a game streaming service brought to the market by Google which aims to provide a gaming experience to everyday consumer. Above all, it has the capability of streaming all your games regardless of the machine you are running hence eliminating the need of buying a console.

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Capabilities of Google Stadia

There will be basically no need for hardware acceleration on the machine primarily because the game will run from the Google data centers providing 1080p performance at 60fps, as a result of this, gaming experience will also exponentially increase as the player could move from one device to another in a matter of seconds seamlessly without having any inconvenience. Similarly Chrome Cast Ultra can be used to connect with your television with its assistance.

Press Conference

Google also introduced a brand new controller at the press conference with features including broadcasting the game directly from your machine and a help button for the gamer, the ability to take help from google assistant enriches the experience even more, furthermore,  Google Stadia has partnered with Unity and Unreal to bring to most popular engines to the development community.

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Gamer Community Thoughts on Google Stadia

The gaming community has a mixed reaction on the news regarding the release of the service.



One of the Twitter users also mentioned the answer to a problem which is soaring in every gamer’s mind.


Google Stadia is apparently going to be released in late 2019, fans will be able to enjoy their favorite games by simply paying a subscription of the gaming service. It might be bad news for Game Shop Owners as it eliminates the middle man from the  Equation. Google has intended to provide 4k and 8k gaming resolution in the near future.

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You can learn more about Google Stadia by watching the video below.


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