I got scared of my voice when I sung for the first time: Atif Aslam

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Atif Aslam and his mind-blowing Interview

I don’t think that I’ve to do the introduction part here, because who doesn’t know Atif Aslam? the talented the proud of Pakistan. Atif has such mesmerizing voice that touches your heart in no seconds. Just recently he was on the Youtube show called “Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada” and he shared so many stories and confession about him.

Surprisingly, Atif told that for the first five years of his life he never heard any sort of music. Music wasn’t the part of his life even till college. Instead, he had a crazy interest in cricket and always wanted to be a fast bowler and to play for Pakistan team.

Another interesting fact about Atif that we got to know was that he has no sister. It was a house of brothers only.

Atif shared that the first song he remembers listening was of Pathany Khan which inspired him. Also, Atif’s story about the first guitar was quite heart-melting.

“My brother brought a guitar home from his friend. I never paid attention until one day I did. I started playing with the only three strings that guitar had. And my love for guitar slowly replaced with a passion and after 1.5 years I got to know about the tunning and for the whole 1.5 years I tried to take the melody out of it without tuning and that’s when I started singing too”.

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The story of the song Adat

Atif shared that Adat was released on the Internet first without the video and then after three years we made the video even that wasn’t clear. So, when my song used to come on the radio or I see someone listening to it made me feel so nice. Then Jal started getting comments on the website and collaboration offers from foreign. And how Jal performed at Mcdonald for the first time. But eventually the band split. He also shared the story of the separation from the Jal band.

The heartwarming and open Interview is all what Atif’s fan needs.

Here is the first live performance of Atif after Gohar’s abandoning
Watch the full video here

Atif Aslam First Interview on Media.

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