Government Introduces “Fake News Buster” to Identify False Information

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The government of Pakistan has finally taken an ultimate initiative to expose the fake news propaganda as well as the culprit behind spreading that news.

The government is all set to battle with fake news with their new twitter handle FakeNewsBusterMoIB.

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The initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Information Minister of Pakistan Fahad Chaudhary elaborates the sole purpose of this new Twitter handle that, it will immediately identify the fake news and misleading information on social media by posting that fake news on its homepage.

Apart from point out any sort of deceptive information, it will also track the user who would be behind spreading false information and certain action or penalty will be imposed against these users.

The page was published from the official PTI twitter account on October 1, 2018, the tweet states;

“Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has created a Twitter account to tackle and expose Fake News, that are being spread on Social Media; citizens are requested to Follow the account! @FakeNews_Buster”

However several fake accounts of FakeNewsBusterMoIB have already appeared on Twitter in less than a day.

“Please beware that @FakeNewsBuster_ is a fake account. The official account is @FakeNews_Buster which can be verified from the official website of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.”

For the Twitter user to ensure that they are using the genuine account, do check the ministry’s official website (, on this page for confirmation. Make sure to follow the official account with the username @FakeNews_Buster.

Fake News Pointing Out

This government has already started working on pointing out fake news and deceitful information.

The first post was of Maleeka Bokhari case they posted her tweet for clarification of misunderstanding of her appointing as the head of BISP.

Another tweet was posted to point out the hoax by the user Mansoor Ahmed Qureshi;

From now on any false account, FakeNewsBusterMoIB will be reported to the National Response Centre for Cyber Crime (NR3C) of FIA for appropriate legal action.

Finally, Pakistani social media users get the authentic source to check the legitimacy of any news and information.

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