This government teacher just retired and made the whole school cried

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The whole school cried when the teacher left

Teachers are just like our parents. The warmth and the encouragement of a teacher make us what we are today. And if you are lucky enough then you must have some great teachers who actually loved you so much that you still remember them. Just like this one in the video.

This Pakistani headmaster just retired from his post and while he was leaving and saying goodbye he made everybody cry. Not just the kids but he was crying himself. The video got viral because of the teacher-student love it showed.

He met each student and hugged them and tried to make them feel better. It is heart touching and utterly pure. The bond between the teacher and student made people on social media emotional.

These days when we only hear news on the media like, the teacher killed a student or student threat or killed a teacher, in all that negativity, we finally found a video of pure love bond between this teacher and his students.

Here is the video

We bet you won’t be able to resist the tears while watching this. Share with us your thoughts in the comments below and also share the name of your favorite teacher.

The teacher of Imran Khan, and many others, Geoffrey Langlands passed away


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