Govt to Impose ‘Gunah Tax’ on Cigarettes and Carbonated Drinks

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Govt Decides to Impose ‘Sin Tax’ on Cigarettes And Carbonated Drinks

Islamabad: According to sources, in order to discourage unhealthy lifestyle, Govt is planning to levy ‘Gunah Tax’ or ‘Sin Tax’ on Cigarettes, tobacco and carbonated beverages.

As per sources, this effort of promoting the healthy lifestyle will help Govt to earn billions of rupees through taxes, called ‘Gunah tax’ or ‘Sin tax’, which would be spent on the Prime Minister Health Programme.

Govt is considering to levy taxes from Rs5 to Rs15 on pack of cigarettes and Rs2 on 100 ml bottle of carbonated drink. These taxes would not only be utilized in Health Sector, but also restrain people from using them. The “Sin Tax” has already been introduced in some parts of Europe too.

According to sources, Govt officials in justifying the ‘Sin tax’, told that carbonated drinks are bad for health of people. Carbonated drinks have many disadvantages including dehydration, high sugar intake and calcium depletion.

Public reaction on “Gunah Tax”

The news of ‘Gunah Tax’ reaches the public very quickly. While some people appreciated this measure, few of them also took a dig sarcastically;






Please let us know, what are your views on this ‘Gunah Tax’ imposition?

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